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Justin Gray

"You got GAP insurance?"
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My Story

Hi everyone. I'm Justin, better known as 'Jay' or 'Jay Gray'. I'm the owner/CEO of Staging Lane Performance, founded on January 2019. Born and raised in Franklin Virginia, in the backyard is where I spent most of my days. That's really where my interest of cars took place. Like most people, it was never my intention to be this deep in cars, it just kind of.. happened. My early start back in 2007, began when I bought my first car that I put modifications and engine swap. Now my knowledge and passion for cars has only grown. My experience of working at NAPA for 10+ years to pursuing my bachelor degree in Business Administration. The business really came from the constant support from the car community and my personal desire to build cars. Social media, specifically Instagram, has and continues to play a HUGE role. Along the way, the demand and community outreach became to a fortunate opportunity to begin Staging Lane Performance. My personal goal and mission is simple, help build your car, your way. I want customers to walk away with the experience of professionalism and reliability in quality parts and builds. 

In addition to cars, I am gun enthusiast. Not to get political, but those have always been a passion of mine. Although, it is personal passion of mine Staging Lane Performance as a business entity is not associated nor promotes violence in relates to guns or weapons. I look forward to getting to talk with any and all future customers or persons of the car community. Be sure to follow on social media, to keep updated on the next event(s) we will be attending and showcasing. Thank you!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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