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Located in Richmond, Virginia, we’re one of the fastest growing and well-equipped shops in the Southeast. Having experience in the automotive performance world and a strong background in customer service, Our long term goal is to become known as one of the primer shops in the area. 

Whether you’re wanting to go fast on the street, racetrack or just build a show car, We’ve got the setup to suit your needs. A quality that separates us from most is attention to details. We spend more time to put out a superior product as efficiently possible. We’ll get you in and out while meeting the needs in a timely, efficient, and pleasant way.


Anyone can build a car and install parts, but we go the extra mile to produce an end result that both customer and business are proud of. Our mission is to make sure that you get the right parts the first time with excellent customer service both before and after your purchase. 

Meet the
Justin Gray

Founder & CEO

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Sean Thurlow

Master Technician & GM Specialist

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