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Taleah Williams

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My Story

My name's Taleah Williams, known as S197_Queen on social media,

and I own a 6 speed 2013 Mustang 5.0. I have been a Mustang fan since I

was a little girl as my mom owned a red new edge growing up that I was

obsessed with. I even had my own car toys growing up and played with that

more than I played with dolls. Growing up my parents took us to car shows

around Phoenix AZ and my dad would teach me simple things about cars

often. Along with that watching the Fast & the Furious series really fueled the

fire and made me want to get into cars more. What drives my passion for

cars is knowing I am setting a great example for other females that are

interested in getting into the car industry but may be hesitant or not

confident. Knowing I have continuously reached my goals with my build no

matter what downside comes with it also plays a factor in it. My plans for

my coyote is swapping my gen one block out with a Gen 3 Coyote block,

with Gen 2 Coyote heads, and Gen 1 timing along with a custom twin turbo

setup in hopes of making a career out of racing out on the drag strip.

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