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2017 Shelby GT350 – Whipple 3.0 SUPERCHARGER Kit

Mr. Cryts brought in his Shelby GT350 for Boost! We wanted to make sure that not only was his current goals were being met, but to discuss his future goals as well. Upon speaking to Kevin, we decided that it was best to do this in stages. First we installed a Mcleod RXT, a DSS driveshaft, and Stainless works Long tube headers so that he could drive the car around and get the break-in-miles in. He then brought it back so that we could go head and install the oil pump gears/ crank sprocket, and  the UPR suspension. We wanted him to drive the car around and make sure that there wasn't any leaks, or weird noises before we installed the blower. Around 1500 miles later, It was boost time! So we installed the Dual fore innovations fuel system with Controller along with ID1300 injectors. Next, we bolted the Whipple on and finished it off with a Lund tune.


Parts installed:

– Whipple 3.0 Supercharger kit

– Fore innovations Dual fuel system

- ID1300 Injectors

– Stainless works Long tubes headers

– Boundary Billet Oil Pump Gears & crank sprocket

– Mcleod RXT Twin Disc Clutch 

– MGW Shifter

– DSS one piece Driveshaft

– UPR Suspension components

– Lund Tuned

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