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Unleashing the Power: A Comprehensive Look at Jordan's Twin Turbo F150

Updated: Jan 9

Jordan brought us his Twin turbo F150 to take it to the next level. He explained to us that the truck was all kinds of issues, from the 2-step coming one while driving, to it breaking up during acceleration do to the massive vacuum leak. We noticed the vacuum leak right off so we located it and fixed it. Next, we looked over the truck, traced wires, and started a game plan. There was so many damaged wires that needed to be repaired and put back together before we could move forward.

After we completed the repairs, we removed the N2MB, the Eboost2 controller, and the trans-brake relays that was previously installed and installed The boost Leesh boost controller, a brand new N2MB wot box, the 10Rstager, Raptor steering wheel. We also installed a little L.E.D light on the dash and a switch so that he'd know that the Transbrake was active and when it wasn't in use, he could hit the switch to cut it off.

Once we verified that it was working, we removed the Sai- li fuel system and installed a Fore innovations fuel system. Upon removing the hat from the tank, we noticed that the rubber hose was busted on one of the pumps, so it was a good thing we were swapping it anyway. He also stated that they ran the truck pretty hard and that it was a NA converter from a mustang in it, so we dropped the oil pan to change fluid and inspect the fluid. We didn't see any metal shavings, however we did notice metallic powder. We wanted to keep the trans as reliable as possible so we installed a PBH Trans cooler kit, an aluminum pan with a drain and a Dipstick so that we could check the fluid from under the hood.

He also stated that they couldn't get the truck to make an A to B pass at the track, but it somehow made a Hail Mary pass of 9.6 once. so we started looking into the suspension being that vi-king was installed in all 4 corners. None of the shock/coilover settings was the same and the sway bar was still connected so we decided to disconnect it so that the truck will travel.

We took the truck to the track and started on waste gate which is 5psi, the truck didn't spin and made an A to B pass. We added a little boost in stages and the truck went a low 10 and didn't spin, we turned it up more and it went 9.6 and 9.4 after that. We attempted to turn it up more but it started breaking up on the big end so we suspected either valve float or we were maxing out the 60mm ON3 turbos.

We took it back to the shop and started a game plan. we removed the heads and took them to Magnum machine in Chesapeake Virginia so that they could inspect the heads, clean them, and install the valve springs. After installing the head studs and the valve springs, we decided to install precision 6466's just to make sure we were getting the most out of the kit. We haven't been back to the track yet to test the setup but we will update the blog when we do.

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